Top 3 Reasons Why Pampanga is one of the Fastest Growing Cities in the Philippines

As developers create communities in more key cities across the country, investors now have more options to choose from in addition to Metro Manila.

As such, decongesting the metropolis has long been a goal for the Philippine government—and Pampanga has been at the center of one of the country’s key development projects, a booming megalopolis that marries economic growth with a strong historical heritage.

Now why is Pampanga one of the fast growing cities in the Philippines? We list three key reasons why it will become the country’s next economic corridor.

Development in key economic areas

The plan to grow Pampanga into a metropolis will focus on four areas of economic activity: agriculture (agropolis), environment and heritage tourism (ecopolis), waterfront and aquaculture (aquapolis), and an airport-centered district specializing in business, logistics, technology, innovation and education (aeropolis).

The aeropolis in particular is centered in the Pampanga Golden Triangle, an area around Clark International Airport (CIA), comprised of the cities of Angeles, San Fernando and Mabalacat, the municipalities of Mexico, Porac, Floridablanca, Lubao, Guagua, Santa Rita and Bacolor, and the Clark Freeport and Special Economic Zone.

A growing business and residential zone

In addition to business, Pampanga’s viability as a residential district is contingent on its strategic location. Current and future residents can benefit from access to existing infrastructure. 

This includes the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX), Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX), as well as continuing developments like the North-South Commuter Railway, the Subic-Clark Cargo Railway, the NLEX-SLEX Connector Road, and Skyway Stage 3.

Alongside these developments, demand for industrial, office, commercial, hospitality, and residential spaces in the Pampanga Golden Triangle is expected to increase.  

All these developments will fittingly earn Pampanga the status of “Gateway of Asia,” as one of the more secure and livable places to reside in the Philippines.

A future-ready development plan

Here’s another reason why Pampanga is one of the fastest growing cities in the Philippines.

Part of the region’s development plan calls for identifying water supply sources for the megalopolis, as well as designing flood protection measures.

In fact, a series of reservoirs are planned to manage flooding during the rainy season while doubling as a source of water in the dry season. Furthermore, investments in city and municipality water treatment plants and distribution systems will help in the better management of waste-water problems and provide clean water for the growing community.

Pampanga’s development plan will also benefit from increased economic activity and opportunities thanks to an expected boom in investments. 

What does this mean for future residents? A compelling alternative to key cities like Metro Manila where individuals and families can live, work, and grow along with the city.

Make your home in the next Philippine megalopolis

Rockwell Center Nepo, Angeles will make its mark not only as the first Rockwell Center outside Metro Manila, but as a distinct real estate development amid Pampanga’s massive development as one of the fastest growing cities in the Philippines.

Rockwell Center Nepo, Angeles will cover 4.5 hectares of residential, commercial, and office space. It will have all the hallmarks of a Rockwell development: exclusivity and privacy, safety and security, and topnotch amenities that encourage work-life balance and close-knit community living.

Above all, the Rockwell Center Nepo, Angeles is built on more than 25 years of expert experience from one the country’s most reputable developers.

For Pampanga’ future residents, The Manansala, named after the renowned Kapampangan artist, Vicente Manansala, offers 206 well-designed and generous-sized condominium units that offer striking views of Mt. Arayat and the Zambales mountain range.

Units on offer start at 45 square meter for a one-bedroom unit, perfect for young professionals or solo dwellers looking to enjoy the modern urban lifestyle of progressive Pampanga. 

On the other hand larger households will feel right at home in the two-bedroom units, which start at 80 square meters, or a three-bedroom unit with an ample 128 square meters of space.

Future residents of the Manansala will also benefit from the upscale building features: three high speed elevators; 100% back-up power; CCTV monitoring; as well as an automatic fire detection, fire alarm, and sprinkler system.

The generous amenities include everything one needs for rest, relaxation, and recreation. A great lawn and a yoga and quiet garden offer green spaces to wind down in. The fitness gym, multi-purpose court, and three swimming pools provides plenty of options for working-out and for play. And at the heart of it all, the Central Clubhouse is a light-drenched, modern hub built for lounging with friends or family.

Finally, Rockwell Center Nepo, Angeles houses the first Power Plant Mall outside Metro Manila. And like its namesake in Rockwell Center Makati, residents can offer a distinct shopping and dining experience that perfectly complements the signature Rockwell Lifestyle.
Interested in finding a discerning home in the country’s next seat of progress? Contact Rockwell Land today to find a unit that best suits your needs, or download the e-brochure here.

Top 5 Advantages of Condo Living

Condo living is a vestige of modern life, one that has gotten even better as home security improves; as communities become more integral to the demands of work and life; and as design evolves to become more flexible and space-efficient even amid ever growing cities.

That is why the advantages of condo living have become more attractive than ever. Whether you are in the market for a condominium unit to own or to rent out for income, we explore five of its key advantages.

More affordable than buying, and maintaining a house and lot

Although a vacant lot typically provides more area than a condominium unit, especially accounting for the land area itself and the total floor area of the house, a condominium unit, albeit smaller, usually costs less.

With a vacant lot, there are construction costs to consider. This includes materials, design fees, and other logistical expenses. And once you have built your home, which in itself will cover a period that can span months, its maintenance goes beyond the interiors. This may include: landscaping, pool maintenance, roof maintenance, and other repairs that come with natural wear and tear over the years.

However, no real estate is without its maintenance requirements, condominium units included, but with association dues covering the upkeep of common areas and amenities, you can focus attention on your unit. 

At the 4.5-hectare Rockwell Center Nepo, Angeles in Pampanga, the first Rockwell Center outside Metro Manila, condo buyers or investors can choose from 206 well-designed units at The Manansala.

There is no need to think about construction when you purchase during the pre-selling period. Moreover, homeowners can expect the delivered unit to exhibit the distinct design aesthetic and top-notch finishes that Rockwell properties have come to be known for.


One of the advantages of condo living is the benefit of residing in a master-planned community. These communities usually include all the creature comforts: access to commercial establishments including essential stores like groceries and pharmacies; the availability of amenities for leisure activities; and in some communities, its own business center, if not a close proximity to other areas of commerce. 

Rockwell Center Nepo, Angeles is located in economically booming Angeles City. The development can be easily accessed via NLEX and SCTEX. Furthermore, schools and universities (Brent International School, Holy Family Academy, Angeles University), commercial centers, hospitals (Sacred Heart Medical Center, The Medical Center), and leisure destinations (Mimosa Golf and Country Club, Zoocobia Fun Zoo, Fontana Park) occupy the surrounding areas. Clark International Airport is another key landmark of the development.

Sense of Community

And while the conveniences represent one benefit, the greater sense of community makes condo living conducive to building social connections. Children of young families can meet in parks and playgrounds. Neighbors can congregate in local restaurants. 

Rockwell Center Nepo, Angeles epitomizes this strong sense of community and integrated living by bringing together residential, work, and lifestyle spaces in one thoughtfully-planned space.

Like the pioneering Rockwell Center in Makati, the community also has its own Power Plant Mall, which residents can visit through exclusive, underground access. ​​

Exclusive amenities

Shared amenities are hallmarks of condo living, and in Rockwell Center Nepo, Angeles, these are taken up a notch with generous provisions for rest and relaxation, sports and recreation.

Residents of The Manansala can enjoy three swimming pools including a lap pool, family pool, and kiddie pool; a multi-purpose court; a function room; and a state-of-the-art gym–all housed in the modern central clubhouse.

Furthermore, the generous outdoor amenities lend themselves well to quiet time. The garden and yoga area provides pockets of nature where one can wind down and enjoy the greenery.

Greater Sense of Security 

It’s no secret that top-tier condo developments afford a level of security that afford a much sought-after peace of mind for residents. 

If you are planning on going on an extended vacation or business trip, you can free yourself of worries even as your unit is left unoccupied. For larger households, you can be assured of increased safety for younger family members and seniors.

The presence of 24-hour security on top of a CCTV camera system covering all areas of the property makes condo living all the more enticing. And with safety mechanisms in place like a fire detection and sprinkler system, risks to property can be better managed.

The Manansala has all these features, underlining the stringent security and privacy that characterize every Rockwell development.

The smallest unit type, the one-bedroom, starts at 45 square meters and goes up to 55 square meters–plenty of space for a young professional or a two-person household. 

Two-bedroom units feature generous cuts that range anywhere from 80 square meters to 98 square meters. For residents with their own household help, the unit includes a separate room and toilet and bath for this purpose.

Finally, three-bedroom units measure an expansive 128 square meters. The master bedrooms in these units even come with an en-suite bathroom toilet and bath.

Interested in reaping the advantages of condo living at Rockwell Center Nepo, Angeles–not to mention enjoying the trademark Rockwell lifestyle? 

Find a unit that fits your unique needs by contacting Rockwell Land today. You may also download the e-brochure here.

Three Condo Unit Sizes To Consider: A Checklist for Buyers

Property is one of the biggest purchases that most individuals will make: whether it’s your primary home or one of several investments to add to your real estate portfolio.

Whatever your objective is, it pays to carefully assess your unique needs so you can make a confident purchase decision. And when it comes to condo unit sizes, a spacious–and well-designed–living space in your future home really does matter. Are there sufficient bedrooms for your household? Will the unit accommodate future needs? If you decide to make your unit as an investment, what is your target rental income?

In this article, we list down the basic types of condo units, average sizes, and other considerations for buyers or investors.

The One-Bedroom Unit

Best for: solo dwellers, newlyweds, and other smaller households, investors

Typical sizes: 

For smaller households, one-bedroom units provide a larger option, as well as the added privacy of a closed-off room. In the Philippines, one-bedroom condo unit sizes range from just under 30 square meters to footprints that are closer to the average size of 50 square meters.

At Rockwell Center Nepo, Angeles in Pampanga, the first Rockwell Center located outside Metro Manila, investors can find spacious one-bedroom units at The Manansala. 

Why purchase a one-bedroom unit?

Depending on your needs, one-bedroom condominium units provide additional space for more functions. For example, a remote-working professional can add a home office to the sizable living area, while an expectant couple can benefit from a larger bedroom to accommodate a newborn. 

By virtue of its size, one-bedroom units, as with studios, require smaller maintenance costs, when weighed against two or three-bedroom spaces.

For investors, one-bedroom condominiums can of course command a higher rental income than studios while attracting a similar market of prospect renters as the latter.

The Two-Bedroom Unit

Best for: families, mid-sized households, investors

Typical sizes: 

As with other unit sizes, two-bedroom units can vary in size depending on the development. Other properties in the market, for example, can run smaller with footprints below 50 square meters. 

At The Manansala, two-bedroom units offer generous cuts that start at 80 square meters and go up to 98 square meters.  

Why purchase a two-bedroom unit?

Larger families (those expanding their brood or with older members), not to mention households with two or more adults are some examples of residents best suited to a two-bedroom home.

And while the maintenance for a larger unit is higher, investors can certainly consider a two-bedroom unit to attract a wider range of renters. 

The Three-Bedroom Unit

Best for: larger families and households, investors

Typical sizes: 

Most condominium developments in the Philippines offer three-bedroom units as their largest available property option. And as with the previous unit types, sizes can vary widely. For example, smaller units in the market can certainly run below 100 square meters. 

Three-bedroom units at The Manansala offer 128 square meters of floor area, as well as two balconies. 

Why purchase a three-bedroom unit?

Apart from more privacy for household members, three-bedroom units also provide space for more activities at home: a dedicated home office or study, a home gym, a guest bedroom. 

These units also offer the largest rental income for potential investors.

Choose from various condo unit sizes at The Manansala

Whichever unit type and cut you choose, a home at The Manansala comes with all the features that discerning buyers seek in a condominium unit. 

With 15 stories and 206 units, future residents can look forward to the best of Pampanga living in their very own thoughtfully designed home, featuring a generous three-meter ceiling height, a balcony in every unit, and an open kitchen layout.

And like its namesake in Rockwell Center Makati, the development has all the hallmarks of the trademark Rockwell Lifestyle.

Moreover, residents can benefit from the stringent security and privacy, 100% back-up power, ample amenities for rest and relaxation, as well as access to the first Power Plant Mall outside Metro Manila.

To learn more about this exciting new 4.5 hectare development in progressive Pampanga, download the Rockwell Center Nepo, Angeles e-brochure or contact Rockwell Land today.

What to do in Angeles, Pampanga? These activities are sure to satisfy!

Tourists have always looked to Pampanga as a must-visit spot for the region’s legendary cuisine, popular attractions like Mt. Pinatubo and Mt. Arayat, as well as annual events like the Lantern Festival and Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. Modern developments like the Clark Freeport and Economic Zone, former site of the US bases, have likewise attracted companies and individuals to its business and work opportunities, but also drawn in tourists to its leisure activities.

The highly-urbanized Angeles City is one of Pampanga’s most popular attractions. Now what is there to do in Angeles, Pampanga? We look at three family-friendly activities to consider.

What to do in Angeles, Pampanga

  1. Enjoy a Kapampangan Meal At A Culinary Landmark
  2. A trip to Angeles City would not be complete without a taste of some of its most iconic Kapampangan dishes. Angeles City is home to Aling Lucing’s, which serves arguably one of the most popular plates of sizzling pork sisig in the country. 

    The restaurant is named after the late Lucia Cunanan, who earned the nickname, “Sisig Queen,” has been credited, at different times, with both inventing and reinventing sisig. However, historical records indicate an early mention of sisig in the Vocabulario de la Lengua Pampanga, a dictionary written by Fray Diego Bergano in 1732. Bergano describes the dish as a “vinaigrette salad.” 

    Today, sisig has evolved into a heady combination of chopped pig cheeks, liver, onions, and chili served on a hot plate with calamansi and soy sauce–and Aling Lucing’s has cemented itself in culinary tourism as a key destination to experience the iconic dish.

    Of course, a great plate of sisig can also be had in Pampanga’s other culinary spots. With its distinctly casual ambiance, Mila’s, a former sari-sari store turned carinderia that has been in operation for more than three decades, serves their sisig along with tokwa’t baboy.
    If you prefer a more curated, sit-down dining experience, consider visiting Bale Dutung, which is run by one of Pampanga’s most prominent culinary sons, Chef Claude Tayag, together with his wife, Mary Ann.

    Strictly by reservation, Bale Dutung which translates to “House of Wood,” is acclaimed for their tasting menus featuring carefully-prepared Kapampangan dishes like bringhe and lumpia. The 10-course lechon menu is also a popular crowd-pleaser, which is meant to be enjoyed between Mary Ann’s musings as she entertains guests between courses, and trips to the restaurant’s art gallery, which features works by Tayag himself and masters like Ben Cabrera (BenCab) and HR Ocampo.

    Other restaurants you must try while in Pampanga?

    Chef Sau del Rosario’s 25 Seeds for farm-to-table fare set in an ancestral home. DenLim’s Kitchen, named after self-taught chef and owner Dennis Lim, serves classic Kapampangan fare with a global twist. For example, Lim cooks his lechon Korean-style, along with lettuce leaves, ampalaya, and burong baboy

    And so far as global fare goes, Pampanga doesn’t disappoint either when it comes to offering a variety of cuisines to satisfy discerning tastes. Cuisina de Parilla, diners can enjoy their signature Moroccan Grilled Chicken.

  3. Experience Kapampangan History at a Heritage Site
  4. Angeles City is home to notable heritage sites like the Museo Ning and the Pamintuan Mansion.

    The Museo Ning, which was the former Town Hall of Angeles, was constructed in 1922. Its location, Sto. Rosario, is a historic district itself, with the museum located directly across the 140-year old Holy Rosary Parish Church, a nationally-recognized heritage building.

    Today the museum is a showcase of Angeles City’s history, from its pre-colonial inhabitants all the way to its culinary culture. Managed by the non profit organization, Kuliat Foundation, the museum also hosts cultural events and exhibits.

    The Pamintuan Mansion, which was built in 1890 by Mariano Pamintuan and his wife, Valentina Torres, is witness to key historic events in Pampanga. Known today as the Museum of Philippine Social History, the mansion served various functions at different points in time: one-time headquarters of the Katipunan, General Antonio Luna, and President Emilio Aguinaldo; home for US soldiers during World War II; and satellite office of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, among several others.

    The intricately designed colonial home is a window into the day-to-day of Filipinos past, as seen through its extensive collection of artwork, furniture, accouterments, and other vestiges of colonial life. 

  5. Immerse Yourself in the Great Outdoors

Angeles City also offers outdoor activities to connect you with nature. Surrounded by rock formations, the Puning Hot Springs offer several hot pools with various temperatures and stunning views to complement the R&R experience. Puning Hot Springs also offers unique spa services that include treating guests to a massage while covered in warm sand.  

For a more dynamic outdoor option, the Zoocobia Fun Zoo is a family-friendly destination, which offers everything from giant slides to ziplining. Deca Wakeboard Park, on the other hand, is ideal for both experienced and beginner wakeboarders. Lessons are also offered including courses designed for kids.

Find Your New Home In Rockwell Center Nepo, Angeles 

Pampanga has always had much to offer by way of its rich culture, history, and bustling economic growth, making it a viable home for a new crop of Pampanga residents seeking the excitement and progress of this booming region.

So what else is there to do in Angeles, Pampanga? 

Find your next home or real estate investment in Rockwell Center Nepo, Angeles

It is the first Rockwell Center, as well as the location of the first Powerplant Mall, outside Metro Manila. Furthermore, the 4.5 hectare Rockwell Center Nepo, Angeles has all the distinct features that a Rockwell Land development has come to be known for. 

The carefully designed, highly-exclusive community boasts of stringent security; generous amenities that include pocket gardens, various pools, and function areas; and 206 spacious condominium units at The Manansala, which takes its name from famed Kapampangan master painter, Vicente Manansala.  

Located in the business district of Angeles City, Rockwell Center Nepo, Angeles is close to key thoroughfares, schools, places of worship, commercial centers, and leisure destinations.

It promises to deliver Kapampangan living with all the hallmarks of the signature Rockwell lifestyle.

Interested to learn more about Rockwell Center Nepo, Angeles? Contact Rockwell Land today. You may also download the e-brochure here.

Kanyaman Na! The Kapampangan Chefs Series goes to Rockwell Center in Makati City

Indulge in native Kapampangan fare from Pampanga’s finest chefs and culinary curators here in Metro Manila at Kanyaman Na! The Kapampangan Chefs Series from June 4 to 5, at the Plaza Driveway in Rockwell Center Makati. 

Rockwell brings this distinct experience to its flagship in Makati City, following the success of Kanyaman Na! The Kapampangan Food Fair last March. The food fair goes Streetside at Rockwell with the Plaza Driveway as its location—in front of Power Plant Mall’s South entrance—where guests will freely enjoy an al fresco dining experience for them to enjoy an array of flavors.

Foodies can once again look forward to Kanyaman’s line-up of chefs which include Chef Howard Dizon, Chef Judy Uson, Chef Pons Garcia, and Chef Cherry Pasion-Tan, each one ready to present native Kapampangan fare such as humba, fried itik, and sisig. They are likewise joined by homegrown Pampanga food concessionaires such as Perfect Loaf with their signature sotanghon, and Cafe Hola’s breads and pastries. 

Through this gathering of gourmands, epicures in the metro need not go far to enjoy local and authentic Pampanga food. Kanyaman brings these renowned Pampanga-based chefs together for the first time, and presents a rare opportunity for  them to offer their delicious dishes in Metro Manila. This creates a signature Rockwell experience akin to the Kapampangan, tastefully-curated for the most discerning palates.

Kanyaman Na! The Kapampangan Chefs Series runs through June 4 to 5 from 11AM to 9PM, at the Plaza Driveway in Rockwell Center Makati. For more information, please follow Rockwell Center Nepo on Facebook and Instagram.

It’s A Delicious Idea To Live In Rockwell Center Nepo

The Philippines’ premier lifestyle developer arrives in the country’s culinary capital

After 25 years of being in the real estate development business, Rockwell Land builds its first Rockwell Center outside of Metro Manila’s Makati district. Rising in Angeles, Pampanga, the Rockwell Center Nepo, Angeles is a collaboration with Juan D. Nepomuceno Realty Group. Pampanga residents will now have immediate access to the Rockwell lifestyle experience.

Rockwell Center at Nepo, Angeles – Masterplan

Known for its premium lifestyle communities, Rockwell is developing 4.5 hectares into a mixed-use community with 70% of open space in Nepo Center.  Acknowledging that the modern Filipino’s lifestyle has evolved to include an appetite for the best brands and shopping choices, this community will include Power Plant Mall Angeles, the first of the well-loved Power Plant Mall outside of Metro Manila.

Artist redition of the Power Plant Mall Angeles, Porac view.

The Rockwell promise of delivering a holistic community that includes all the perks of living in a mixed use residential setting will be enhanced by a nod to heritage. In Rockwell Center Nepo, Angeles, those on the look out for condo properties for investment or for living, can look forward to The Manansala.

Inspired by Kapampangan artist, Vicente Manansala and Rockwell’s knack for the finer things in life, is a 15-storey residential development that boasts of views that range from the exciting Angeles City streetscapes to the bucolic Zambales mountain ranges. Targeted for a 2025 turnover to its buyers, its convenient location and access to some of the most premium amenities made available to Pampanga residents are hallmarks of this building. Open spaces and refreshing pools add to the luxury lifestyle experience.

Artist rendition of The Manansala, Rockwell Nepo, Angeles, Pampanga. 
Units at The Manansala have 3-meter ceiling heights, open kitchens and balconies.

The Best Dining Destinations In Pampanga Within Reach

It only takes a trip of 5 kilometers from Rockwell Nepo, Angeles to some of the finest dining destinations in Pampanga. Known as the “Culinary Bowl of the Philippines,” Pampanga has a long tradition of cooking up and serving food of the highest standards, making Kapampangan diners discerning, blessed with particular palates.

The melting pot that is Angeles City offers not just local fare. Because of the numerous immigrants who now call the city home, diners are spoiled for choice when it comes to diverse choices of international cuisine in this edgy city. 

Sandy Daza is joined by Claude Tayag in The Crawl’s Pampanga episode, highlighting the diversity of cuisine in this region.

The Crawl Pampanga shows viewers how to dine in this city. Just like its host, Sandy Daza and guest, Claude Tayag, if you find yourself in the country’s culinary capital, be sure to leave a lot of room for some serious eats! These dining destinations will satisfy your cravings:

As Claude and Sandy agree, it’s a delicious idea to live in Rockwell Nepo!

Visit for more information.

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Rockwell Center Nepo, Angeles Invites You To Kanyaman Na! The Pampanga Food Festival

Satisfy your cravings for native Kapampangan fare, as Rockwell brings together Pampanga’s finest homegrown chefs and culinary curators through Kanyaman Na! The Pampanga Food Festival from March 26 to 27, at The Park at Nepo Center.

Being the country’s culinary capital, Pampanga has bred natural masters in gastronomy who have become renowned for their craft. Epicures can look forward to Kanyaman’s line-up of chefs and their signature dishes: Chef Howard Dizon’s Filipino fare, Chef Judy Uson’s delectable pastries and cakes, Chef Pons Garcia’s no-fuss Kapampangan dishes, as well as Chef Cherry Passion-Tan’s native spread. Apart from these chefs’ offerings, a wide selection of food concessionaires add flavor to the festivities and will have meals, desserts, and drinks ready to indulge in. The Park at Nepo Center likewise serves as an ideal location for this gourmet gathering, for guests to enjoy an al fresco dining experience.

As Rockwell makes its entry into the Central Luzon region through Rockwell Center Nepo, Angeles, so too will more distinct lifestyle offerings such as these take place. Spanning 4.5-hectares, the development is set to have three mid-rise residential buildings—the first of which, The Manansala, will turnover in 2025—and the first Power Plant Mall outside of Metro Manila. This delivers the signature experiences Rockwell has become known for, curated especially for Kapampangan’s discerning palates.

Find delight and dine in at Kanyaman Na! The Pampanga Food Festival! The festival runs through March 26 to 27 from 3PM to 8PM, at The Park at Nepo Center in Angeles City, Pampanga. For more information, please follow Rockwell Center Nepo on Facebook and Instagram.

Rockwell Land and Juan D. Nepomuceno Realty Break Ground on The Manansala at Rockwell Center Nepo

ANGELES CITY, PAMPANGA—Rockwell Land and Juan D. Nepomuceno (JDN) Realty through their joint venture Rockwell Nepo Development Corporation held on Thursday, March 17, 2022, The Groundbreaking Ceremony of The Manansala at Rockwell Center Nepo, Angeles. Present in the milestone were executives from both Rockwell and JDN, including Rockwell Chairman Amb. Manuel Lopez, President and CEO Nestor Padilla, and JDN Chairman Emeritus, Mr. Peter Nepomuceno and Chairman Arni Valdes.

Launched in September 2021, The Manansala is the first residential building in the mixed-use Rockwell Center Nepo, Angeles. Encompassing 4.5-hectares, Rockwell Center Nepo, Angeles is poised to offer a similar experience as the flagship Rockwell Center in Makati City. The development is set to have three residential towers and the first Power Plant Mall outside of Metro Manila. Future residents will also enjoy lifestyle amenities such as swimming pools, a function room, fitness gym, and a multi-purpose court, as well as 78% open space.

The Manansala at Rockwell Center Nepo, Angeles is scheduled for turnover in 2025. Through this joint venture between Rockwell Land and JDN Realty, Pampanga’s well-heeled market will find elevated lifestyle experiences delivered to them within their burgeoning region of Central Luzon.

(L-R) Rockwell Land President and CEO Nestor J. Padilla, JDN President Rick N. Wilkerson, JDN Board Member Gerry Nepomuceno, Jr., JDN Chairman Emeritus Mr. Peter Nepomuceno, Rockwell Chairman Amb. Manuel Lopez, JDN Chairman Arni N. Valdes, Rockwell Executive Vice President, CFO, and CCO Ellen Almodiel, Rockwell Treasurer and Senior Vice President Mike Lopez
(L-R) JDN Corporate Secretary Erika Nepomuceno, Rockwell Center Nepo Project Director and Assistant Vice President Rinna Tiu, Noel Valdes, JDN Board Member and Treasurer Marijo Valdes-Chua, JDN Board Member Rogie Nepomuceno, Lisa Mapua, Rockwell Vice President for Office Development Jesse Tan, Rockwell Center Nepo Project Manager and Assistant Vice President for Project Development Vergel Rape

Pampanga Rising

By: Jess Nicdao

The new terminal of the Clark International Airport will significantly boost the airport’s current passenger capacity.

Twenty years ago, the Pampanga Chamber of Commerce and Industry assumed the role of the provincial chamber with a mission to rebuild, rehabilitate and restore Pampanga’s economy from the ashes of an epic disaster—the eruption of Mt Pinatubo. Priming countryside business became our dictum. And our direction was to unite the business community of Pampanga into a single voice, to advocate for a business-friendly local environment, and to promote Pampanga as a viable investment destination.

This stage of Pampanga’s development is certainly exhilarating and, at the same time, exceedingly daunting, especially to sustain and maintain. But preparedness and awareness are key to resiliency.

Decongesting Metro Manila

The quality of life in Metro Manila is at an all-time low and experts recommend the setting up of urban areas outside Metro Manila to help prevent an implosion that will affect the whole country since it serves as the economic and financial nucleus of the Philippines.

In fact, our advocacy to decongest Metro Manila had “for our country’s sake” as a qualifier. If a major disaster strikes the center of development, the hub of investments, and the seat of the national government, which is Metro Manila, while the countryside remains underdeveloped, or worse, not developed at all and unprepared, the entire nation’s economy will be affected and we will all suffer the consequences. As a countermeasure, we need to prepare the countryside.

We committed to “transform the local economy into one that is vibrant, competitive and integrated into the national and global business community”. Ever since then, we endeavored to carry out our sworn mission, embarking on advocacies that prime countryside business and undertaking activities that enhance the capabilities and abilities of our homegrown companies and open opportunities to more local and foreign investors.

A developed countryside will foster a business environment that is conducive to investments, and where job productivity is maximized because travel time from work to home is pleasantly short and free from traffic congestion. It is where health, personal safety, a sense of belonging, emotional and financial well-being, work, social relationships, and quality of environment are assured and nurtured.

We endorse and support responsible business practices that yield the triple bottomline–people, planet and profit, in this particular order of priority.

Stimulating economic activity

To further promote countryside development, the national leadership has embarked on a mega project–the Build, Build, Build, program–which we believe will help stimulate economic activity in all the provinces.

Our region, particularly our province, will be one of the first beneficiaries of this project and this early, the business sector in the countryside is beginning to realize the magnitude of economic activities the infrastructure improvements in and outside Clark will generate in the countryside.

And we are grateful that this is now happening. We now see Clark International Airport being endorsed as an international gateway to Central and North Luzon. The new, expanded terminal has been completed and we expect a steady increase in visitors and flights at the airport once the restrictions are lifted.

The construction of the Manila North Railway between Clark and Manila is now in full swing and the Clark to Subic railway will start soon. Did you know that the province hosts the most number of SM Malls at four and there is one more that is coming. We have three Robinsons malls, a Vista Mall, Nepo Mall and a lot of arcades all around. I must also say that Pampanga now have 50 Jollibee outlets. These all will tell you the kind of market that we have here.ADVERTISEMENT

Welcoming Rockwell Land

Complementing infrastructure and businesses is the development of many residential facilities and townships. Most, if not all, of the country’s biggest developers are now in Pampanga and we are delighted to welcome the entry of Rockwell Land in Angeles City. We hope it will expand in more areas in Pampanga and Central Luzon.

PamCham, through our advocacies, helps bridge the gap to facilitate coordination between business and government to properly draw and execute the roadmap of countryside development and economic progress.

In return, we must always champion good business practices, remain compliant with government policies and regulations, stay committed to our obligation of providing employment to our fellow Kapampangans, and remain conscientiously caring and protective of our environment.

The author is the chairman of Pampanga Chamber of Commerce and Industry


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Rockwell Land delivers beyond ordinary masterpiece for Kapampangans

By Amy R. Remo | @amyremoINQ

The Manansala at Rockwell Center Nepo is named after one of Pampanga’s own, renowned Philippine National Artist Vicente “Enteng” Manansala

It has built a remarkable legacy that set the gold standard for beyond ordinary communities.

Rockwell Land, over the last 26 years, has carved a niche in the highly cutthroat real estate industry as it created a distinct stamp of excellence, elegance and exclusivity that placed it well in a league of its own. Its flagship development, the 19.1-ha Rockwell Center in Makati City, has become a picture of a true self-sustaining, thriving community by all measures—sophisticated residences, mall with expertly curated retail and dining options, premium grade offices, leisure hubs, and lush open spaces fittingly interwoven within a safe and secure neighborhood.

Every new project launch from Rockwell Land thus comes highly anticipated, as it’s not only another stunning reveal of artistry, but also a show of commitment to further elevate lifestyles in a modern, urban space.

Continuing legacy

Today, Rockwell Land continues that remarkable legacy—this time, bringing its distinct signature lifestyle closer to its select crop of well-heeled markets outside Metro Manila. From Cebu, Laguna, Batangas to Negros Occidental, Rockwell has begun creating communities that bear that same distinct stamp, style and character that many have come to know and aspire for.

Its latest foray outside the capital region will be no different, for sure. Setting its sights on Central Luzon, Rockwell Land makes a graceful expansion to the Culinary Capital of the Philippines, creating the beginnings of another self-sustaining, beyond ordinary community.

The 3.6-ha Rockwell Center Nepo in Angeles, Pampanga—no doubt, another crowning achievement from this high-end developer—will allow the highly discerning to embrace a lifestyle celebrating Pampanga’s rich culture and heritage and bearing Rockwell’s signature touch.

Rockwell Land has partnered with the Nepomuceno family through its realty group, Juan D. Nepomuceno Sons Inc. which contributed land, funding and longstanding business expertise for this milestone development. For its part, Rockwell will use its wealth of experience in creating well-appointed, self-sustaining communities to transform the 3.6-ha property within the bustling Nepo Center, earmarking P4.5 billion for the residential component alone.

Gateway to the north

Favorable economic conditions and ongoing developments made Pampanga, touted as the gateway to the north, a compelling choice for Rockwell, said Rinna Tiu, Assistant Vice President and Project Director for Rockwell Center Nepo, Angeles.

“Aside from its proximity to Metro Manila and (its) strategic location of being the gateway to the north, the continuous development of the region and its growing economy made it a logical choice for Rockwell to make its debut up north in Central Luzon. With the completion and opening of the new Clark airport, the launch of the NLEx-SLEx connector, and the construction of the North-South Commuter Rail project, Pampanga became even more accessible to Luzon and even the world via air, rail, or car,” Tiu explained.

Rockwell Pampanga

Rockwell Center Makati

Beyond improving connectivity, the completion of these key infrastructure projects will also help boost land values in the area—all the more making it an attractive destination not only for businesses but also for individual investors wanting to benefit from real estate capital gains.

“We also found Angeles to be the most suitable to our vision because of its central location. At the heart of Pampanga, it takes us closer to the north and central regions of Luzon and its consistent progress, coupled with its subtle charm, only made it more attractive for us to build something beyond ordinary here. It will only be a matter of time before Pampanga becomes a preferred destination not just for investors but homebuyers as well,” Tiu explained.

“Rockwell is known for offering a signature lifestyle that caters to a well-heeled set, and we are excited to bring this experience to this discerning and deserving market in Central Luzon,” she said. “Rockwell Center Nepo, Angeles will be distinctly Kapampangan—modern Filipino with the Rockwell touch—offering a fine way of life taken to new heights. The Central Luzon market is also very much the kind that Rockwell caters to, and infusing their culture into what we can offer seems only natural.”

‘Distinctly Rockwell’

Rockwell Center Nepo will naturally bear all the elements that will make it distinctly Rockwell—from its spacious units, elegant finishes, world class amenities, lush wide open spaces, a retail component, safety and security features, to its unparalleled after sales service—while still paying homage to the cultural heritage of Pampanga.Rockwell Pampanga real estate

The 3.6-ha Rockwell Center Nepo in Angeles, Pampanga, is a perfect complement to Central Luzon’s growing economy.

Currently, the masterplan for the first Rockwell Center outside Makati includes three mid-rise residential buildings and the second Power Plant Mall, where one will find curated retail and food and beverage brands that offer a similar taste of its flagship establishment. The mall is set to complement the surrounding retail and office developments within Nepo Center.Rockwell Pampanga property

Rockwell Center Nepo will naturally bear all the elements that will make it distinctly Rockwell.

“Kapampangans are known to have an affinity for the finer things in life, and are proud of what they have to offer. The Power Plant Mall in Makati City has become a beloved retail destination for its distinct shopping and dining experiences, and we find that it is only fitting to deliver the same to the region. With the region’s discerning market, Rockwell’s signature lifestyle is something that will find its footing here and will truly evolve to thrive,” Tiu said.

Well-appointed spaces

And just earlier this month, Rockwell unveiled its first residential project called The Manansala at Rockwell Center Nepo, named after renowned Philippine National Artist Vicente “Enteng” Manansala, who was born and raised in Pampanga.

Given Rockwell’s adherence to art and fine living, it is only fitting for the first Rockwell address in Angeles to be named after Pampanga’s own.

Tiu said they have seen such a warm reception of The Manansala that they are now currently 50 percent sold since the official launch last Sept. 9. To sustain the momentum, Tiu said they are now looking to launch the second residential building next year.

Future residents can find well-appointed spaces within this 15-story residence, offering a refined comfort, elegance and exclusivity to suit the Kapampangans’ discerning tastes. On offer are 206 units, in one- to three-bedroom cuts and with sizes ranging from 45 sqm to 128 sqm. This translates to only 14 units per typical floor.

Each unit—which will have a 3-meter ceiling height—comes with exceptional finishes, glass sliding door for the balcony, and an open kitchen layout. This, Tiu said, was meant to provide plenty of space within the residences, enabling The Manansala “to ease the transition from a house to a condo.”

“We want our residents to feel that their homes are a peaceful respite in the middle of a city. Our units will have an open floor plan with high ceilings, to create spacious shared areas within the home. Sliding doors that open up to generous balconies will also be incorporated for a smooth transition of their indoor and outdoor spaces. This allows fresh air and Pampanga’s stunning views to become more accessible to our residents,” Tiu noted.

Exclusive access

With your unit also comes the privilege of having exclusive access to amenities that include a fitness gym, a multi-purpose court, lap pool, and yoga and quiet gardens to cater to your fitness needs; a function room, play area, barbecue area, and family and kiddie pools to provide spaces for bonding; resort-themed clubhouse; and a generous lawn with lush landscaping to add to the open spaces that make up 70 percent of the property.

Similar to Rockwell Center in Makati, residents will likewise have exclusive access to an underground passage that leads directly to the mall, further affording them a seamless and convenient experience within the community. The development will also have Rockwell’s distinctive 100 percent back up power and dedicated in-house property management and leasing teams.

An experienced Property Management Team will ensure that The Manansala at Rockwell Center Nepo, set to be turned over by June 2026, will remain a serene enclave befitting the upscale market, while its dedicated Residential Leasing Team will cater to those looking to invest in the units for rent.

“With 70 percent of open spaces dedicated to sprawling gardens and amenities, residents will still be able to enjoy the outdoors while they embrace condo living. We want to take hold of the opportunity to introduce Rockwell’s 100 percent Lifestyle, where we create a city within a city—complete and self-sustaining community wherein our residents need not go far from their homes for the things they need to do, whether to shop or to work,” Tiu explained.

“Pampanga is a province rich in culture and heritage, and we now have an opportunity to introduce the Rockwell lifestyle to Angeles. Residents will find that all their needs are in one place, all within walking distance, and visitors will surely enjoy the mall’s curated retail offerings. Our distinct lifestyle suits the Kapampangans’ discerning tastes, and we look forward to them enjoying the elevated experiences we offer,” she concluded.

With all the exciting infrastructure and economic developments underway, and Rockwell’s promise of bringing its distinct beyond ordinary lifestyle here, there’s really no more opportune time to be in Pampanga than today.