Pampanga Rising

By: Jess Nicdao

The new terminal of the Clark International Airport will significantly boost the airport’s current passenger capacity.

Twenty years ago, the Pampanga Chamber of Commerce and Industry assumed the role of the provincial chamber with a mission to rebuild, rehabilitate and restore Pampanga’s economy from the ashes of an epic disaster—the eruption of Mt Pinatubo. Priming countryside business became our dictum. And our direction was to unite the business community of Pampanga into a single voice, to advocate for a business-friendly local environment, and to promote Pampanga as a viable investment destination.

This stage of Pampanga’s development is certainly exhilarating and, at the same time, exceedingly daunting, especially to sustain and maintain. But preparedness and awareness are key to resiliency.

Decongesting Metro Manila

The quality of life in Metro Manila is at an all-time low and experts recommend the setting up of urban areas outside Metro Manila to help prevent an implosion that will affect the whole country since it serves as the economic and financial nucleus of the Philippines.

In fact, our advocacy to decongest Metro Manila had “for our country’s sake” as a qualifier. If a major disaster strikes the center of development, the hub of investments, and the seat of the national government, which is Metro Manila, while the countryside remains underdeveloped, or worse, not developed at all and unprepared, the entire nation’s economy will be affected and we will all suffer the consequences. As a countermeasure, we need to prepare the countryside.

We committed to “transform the local economy into one that is vibrant, competitive and integrated into the national and global business community”. Ever since then, we endeavored to carry out our sworn mission, embarking on advocacies that prime countryside business and undertaking activities that enhance the capabilities and abilities of our homegrown companies and open opportunities to more local and foreign investors.

A developed countryside will foster a business environment that is conducive to investments, and where job productivity is maximized because travel time from work to home is pleasantly short and free from traffic congestion. It is where health, personal safety, a sense of belonging, emotional and financial well-being, work, social relationships, and quality of environment are assured and nurtured.

We endorse and support responsible business practices that yield the triple bottomline–people, planet and profit, in this particular order of priority.

Stimulating economic activity

To further promote countryside development, the national leadership has embarked on a mega project–the Build, Build, Build, program–which we believe will help stimulate economic activity in all the provinces.

Our region, particularly our province, will be one of the first beneficiaries of this project and this early, the business sector in the countryside is beginning to realize the magnitude of economic activities the infrastructure improvements in and outside Clark will generate in the countryside.

And we are grateful that this is now happening. We now see Clark International Airport being endorsed as an international gateway to Central and North Luzon. The new, expanded terminal has been completed and we expect a steady increase in visitors and flights at the airport once the restrictions are lifted.

The construction of the Manila North Railway between Clark and Manila is now in full swing and the Clark to Subic railway will start soon. Did you know that the province hosts the most number of SM Malls at four and there is one more that is coming. We have three Robinsons malls, a Vista Mall, Nepo Mall and a lot of arcades all around. I must also say that Pampanga now have 50 Jollibee outlets. These all will tell you the kind of market that we have here.ADVERTISEMENT

Welcoming Rockwell Land

Complementing infrastructure and businesses is the development of many residential facilities and townships. Most, if not all, of the country’s biggest developers are now in Pampanga and we are delighted to welcome the entry of Rockwell Land in Angeles City. We hope it will expand in more areas in Pampanga and Central Luzon.

PamCham, through our advocacies, helps bridge the gap to facilitate coordination between business and government to properly draw and execute the roadmap of countryside development and economic progress.

In return, we must always champion good business practices, remain compliant with government policies and regulations, stay committed to our obligation of providing employment to our fellow Kapampangans, and remain conscientiously caring and protective of our environment.

The author is the chairman of Pampanga Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Know more about Rockwell Center Nepo here:

Rockwell Land delivers beyond ordinary masterpiece for Kapampangans

By Amy R. Remo | @amyremoINQ

The Manansala at Rockwell Center Nepo is named after one of Pampanga’s own, renowned Philippine National Artist Vicente “Enteng” Manansala

It has built a remarkable legacy that set the gold standard for beyond ordinary communities.

Rockwell Land, over the last 26 years, has carved a niche in the highly cutthroat real estate industry as it created a distinct stamp of excellence, elegance and exclusivity that placed it well in a league of its own. Its flagship development, the 19.1-ha Rockwell Center in Makati City, has become a picture of a true self-sustaining, thriving community by all measures—sophisticated residences, mall with expertly curated retail and dining options, premium grade offices, leisure hubs, and lush open spaces fittingly interwoven within a safe and secure neighborhood.

Every new project launch from Rockwell Land thus comes highly anticipated, as it’s not only another stunning reveal of artistry, but also a show of commitment to further elevate lifestyles in a modern, urban space.

Continuing legacy

Today, Rockwell Land continues that remarkable legacy—this time, bringing its distinct signature lifestyle closer to its select crop of well-heeled markets outside Metro Manila. From Cebu, Laguna, Batangas to Negros Occidental, Rockwell has begun creating communities that bear that same distinct stamp, style and character that many have come to know and aspire for.

Its latest foray outside the capital region will be no different, for sure. Setting its sights on Central Luzon, Rockwell Land makes a graceful expansion to the Culinary Capital of the Philippines, creating the beginnings of another self-sustaining, beyond ordinary community.

The 3.6-ha Rockwell Center Nepo in Angeles, Pampanga—no doubt, another crowning achievement from this high-end developer—will allow the highly discerning to embrace a lifestyle celebrating Pampanga’s rich culture and heritage and bearing Rockwell’s signature touch.

Rockwell Land has partnered with the Nepomuceno family through its realty group, Juan D. Nepomuceno Sons Inc. which contributed land, funding and longstanding business expertise for this milestone development. For its part, Rockwell will use its wealth of experience in creating well-appointed, self-sustaining communities to transform the 3.6-ha property within the bustling Nepo Center, earmarking P4.5 billion for the residential component alone.

Gateway to the north

Favorable economic conditions and ongoing developments made Pampanga, touted as the gateway to the north, a compelling choice for Rockwell, said Rinna Tiu, Assistant Vice President and Project Director for Rockwell Center Nepo, Angeles.

“Aside from its proximity to Metro Manila and (its) strategic location of being the gateway to the north, the continuous development of the region and its growing economy made it a logical choice for Rockwell to make its debut up north in Central Luzon. With the completion and opening of the new Clark airport, the launch of the NLEx-SLEx connector, and the construction of the North-South Commuter Rail project, Pampanga became even more accessible to Luzon and even the world via air, rail, or car,” Tiu explained.

Rockwell Pampanga

Rockwell Center Makati

Beyond improving connectivity, the completion of these key infrastructure projects will also help boost land values in the area—all the more making it an attractive destination not only for businesses but also for individual investors wanting to benefit from real estate capital gains.

“We also found Angeles to be the most suitable to our vision because of its central location. At the heart of Pampanga, it takes us closer to the north and central regions of Luzon and its consistent progress, coupled with its subtle charm, only made it more attractive for us to build something beyond ordinary here. It will only be a matter of time before Pampanga becomes a preferred destination not just for investors but homebuyers as well,” Tiu explained.

“Rockwell is known for offering a signature lifestyle that caters to a well-heeled set, and we are excited to bring this experience to this discerning and deserving market in Central Luzon,” she said. “Rockwell Center Nepo, Angeles will be distinctly Kapampangan—modern Filipino with the Rockwell touch—offering a fine way of life taken to new heights. The Central Luzon market is also very much the kind that Rockwell caters to, and infusing their culture into what we can offer seems only natural.”

‘Distinctly Rockwell’

Rockwell Center Nepo will naturally bear all the elements that will make it distinctly Rockwell—from its spacious units, elegant finishes, world class amenities, lush wide open spaces, a retail component, safety and security features, to its unparalleled after sales service—while still paying homage to the cultural heritage of Pampanga.Rockwell Pampanga real estate

The 3.6-ha Rockwell Center Nepo in Angeles, Pampanga, is a perfect complement to Central Luzon’s growing economy.

Currently, the masterplan for the first Rockwell Center outside Makati includes three mid-rise residential buildings and the second Power Plant Mall, where one will find curated retail and food and beverage brands that offer a similar taste of its flagship establishment. The mall is set to complement the surrounding retail and office developments within Nepo Center.Rockwell Pampanga property

Rockwell Center Nepo will naturally bear all the elements that will make it distinctly Rockwell.

“Kapampangans are known to have an affinity for the finer things in life, and are proud of what they have to offer. The Power Plant Mall in Makati City has become a beloved retail destination for its distinct shopping and dining experiences, and we find that it is only fitting to deliver the same to the region. With the region’s discerning market, Rockwell’s signature lifestyle is something that will find its footing here and will truly evolve to thrive,” Tiu said.

Well-appointed spaces

And just earlier this month, Rockwell unveiled its first residential project called The Manansala at Rockwell Center Nepo, named after renowned Philippine National Artist Vicente “Enteng” Manansala, who was born and raised in Pampanga.

Given Rockwell’s adherence to art and fine living, it is only fitting for the first Rockwell address in Angeles to be named after Pampanga’s own.

Tiu said they have seen such a warm reception of The Manansala that they are now currently 50 percent sold since the official launch last Sept. 9. To sustain the momentum, Tiu said they are now looking to launch the second residential building next year.

Future residents can find well-appointed spaces within this 15-story residence, offering a refined comfort, elegance and exclusivity to suit the Kapampangans’ discerning tastes. On offer are 206 units, in one- to three-bedroom cuts and with sizes ranging from 45 sqm to 128 sqm. This translates to only 14 units per typical floor.

Each unit—which will have a 3-meter ceiling height—comes with exceptional finishes, glass sliding door for the balcony, and an open kitchen layout. This, Tiu said, was meant to provide plenty of space within the residences, enabling The Manansala “to ease the transition from a house to a condo.”

“We want our residents to feel that their homes are a peaceful respite in the middle of a city. Our units will have an open floor plan with high ceilings, to create spacious shared areas within the home. Sliding doors that open up to generous balconies will also be incorporated for a smooth transition of their indoor and outdoor spaces. This allows fresh air and Pampanga’s stunning views to become more accessible to our residents,” Tiu noted.

Exclusive access

With your unit also comes the privilege of having exclusive access to amenities that include a fitness gym, a multi-purpose court, lap pool, and yoga and quiet gardens to cater to your fitness needs; a function room, play area, barbecue area, and family and kiddie pools to provide spaces for bonding; resort-themed clubhouse; and a generous lawn with lush landscaping to add to the open spaces that make up 70 percent of the property.

Similar to Rockwell Center in Makati, residents will likewise have exclusive access to an underground passage that leads directly to the mall, further affording them a seamless and convenient experience within the community. The development will also have Rockwell’s distinctive 100 percent back up power and dedicated in-house property management and leasing teams.

An experienced Property Management Team will ensure that The Manansala at Rockwell Center Nepo, set to be turned over by June 2026, will remain a serene enclave befitting the upscale market, while its dedicated Residential Leasing Team will cater to those looking to invest in the units for rent.

“With 70 percent of open spaces dedicated to sprawling gardens and amenities, residents will still be able to enjoy the outdoors while they embrace condo living. We want to take hold of the opportunity to introduce Rockwell’s 100 percent Lifestyle, where we create a city within a city—complete and self-sustaining community wherein our residents need not go far from their homes for the things they need to do, whether to shop or to work,” Tiu explained.

“Pampanga is a province rich in culture and heritage, and we now have an opportunity to introduce the Rockwell lifestyle to Angeles. Residents will find that all their needs are in one place, all within walking distance, and visitors will surely enjoy the mall’s curated retail offerings. Our distinct lifestyle suits the Kapampangans’ discerning tastes, and we look forward to them enjoying the elevated experiences we offer,” she concluded.

With all the exciting infrastructure and economic developments underway, and Rockwell’s promise of bringing its distinct beyond ordinary lifestyle here, there’s really no more opportune time to be in Pampanga than today.


A Legacy Continued: Rockwell Land’s Newest Residential Development in Pampanga

From its pioneer development in Makati, Rockwell Land marks its foray into Central Luzon with its first residential development in Angeles, Pampanga

For over 25 years, Rockwell Land has been known for the way it has honoured and upheld the Philippines’ rich heritage through developments that are a well-curated mix of modern comforts and traditional elements. This practice is in keeping with its reputation as a Filipino company that takes pride in the nation’s history and culture.

Starting with its flagship Rockwell Center in Makati, they first introduced a distinct lifestyle by creating a community replete with elements for residential, retail and leisure. Elegant residential developments amid lush greenery paid homage to some of the country’s foremost artists, including Amorsolo, Luna and Edades, among others. At the heart of Rockwell Center, one will find Power Plant Mall, with its curated offerings that suit one’s every need from food and dining, fitness and fashion, and a wealth of hobbies. Now, Rockwell brings its signature style and character out of the capital and into the Kapampangan heartland.

Rockwell’s signature DNA seen in its Makati estate is set to radiate in the future Rockwell Center Nepo, Angeles

In partnership with the Juan D Nepomuceno Realty Group, Rockwell Center Nepo, Angeles is the first Rockwell Center to be built outside of Metro Manila. The 3.6-hectare property is poised to be a mixed-use development which will come complete with residential buildings and retail areas—the first of which is set to rise soon.

The Manansala is the first of three residential buildings, and is a mid-rise and low-density residential structure that is set to rise 15-storeys tall and bring a world-class living experience with a wealth of amenities that future residents can enjoy.

In keeping with the sense of refinement and genteel living that Kapampangans are famous for, every unit at The Manansala was designed with comfort and elegance in mind. Residential spaces are available in one-, two- and three-bedroom layouts to suit the needs of busy individuals and growing families.

Each one allows for the comfortable circulation of air throughout the living space, with a generous amount of space and ceilings that are three metres high. These homes also bring the Kapampangan tradition of hospitality into the 21st century with open-layout kitchens that are perfect for entertaining guests and glass doors that open onto balconies with exceptional views of the soon to rise Rockwell Center Nepo, Angeles, Mount Arayat and the Zambales Mountain Range in the distance, as well as numerous upscale villages scattered throughout the surrounding terrain.

Rockwell Center at Nepo, Angeles

Encouraging residents to live healthier and more sustainable lifestyles has long been part of Rockwell’s brand ethos, which the company brings into play
at The Manansala. Those who lead active lifestyles will appreciate having a fully equipped gym, a multi-purpose court for various sports and a lap pool within the vicinity.

Those who need some quiet time to distress and relax can easily escape into the yoga space and the meditation garden to detach themselves from the day’s cares. The expansive green spaces throughout the development also enable residents to get closer to nature, while common areas such as the function room, swimming pools, and barbecue zone are perfect for strengthening bonds with family and friends. The Manansala’s proximity to the soon-to-rise Power Plant Mall Angeles will also open a wealth of retail, leisure and dining options for residents.

Set for turnover in 2025, The Manansala at Rockwell Center Nepo, Angeles is yet another jewel in Rockwell Land’s crown—and one that celebrates the warmth and hospitality of Pampanga even as it embraces the stylish dynamism of the modern age. 


Turn Your Attention to the Rich Culture of Pampanga, Our Country’s Culinary Capital

It’s rich in heritage, and is a burgeoning area now.

You’re likely aware that Pampanga is the Philippines’ culinary capital—home to a diverse local cuisine and dishes that are famous all over the country. In fact, you’ve probably enjoyed Kapampangan food—sisig, most likely—quite a bit in your life. But how exactly did the province come to hold the title of culinary capital?

According to Robby Tantingco, Director of Center for Kapampangan Studies at Holy Angel University, Pampanga’s culinary renown dates back to the colonial era, when Spanish friars were said to favor Kapampangan cooking, to the extent that only Kapampangans were allowed entry in certain kitchens for food preparation.

Later in history, Kapampangan food would continue to shine in landmark events. For the proclamation of the First Philippine Republic in January 1899, Kapampangan cooks were tasked to prepare the meals and menu at Malolos. Important figures would come from far and wide just to enjoy Pampanga’s local food.

The Holy Rosary Parish Church is another testament to Angeles’ colonial history, which includes its cuisine

Over the years, generation after generation of Kapampangans would preserve and hone their cooking. The result: A diverse and well-known local cuisine, with a distinct identity and a rich history that draws from the flavors of Spain and other Southeast Asian countries.

When talking about Kapampangan cuisine, sisig is the likely top-of-mind. It began as a vegetarian salad back in the 18th century—with either green papaya or green guava as a main ingredient—until it evolved into the sizzling sisig we all know today, popularized by Lucia “Aling Lucing” Cunanan, also a Kapampangan.

The breakfast staple, tocino, also has roots here. It’s said that tocino’s origin story begins with another Kapampangan, Lolita Hizon, who made use of the meat scraps she was given, and took inspiration from Pampanga’s very own pindang babi or cured pork. Bringhe, meanwhile, was the Kapampangan’s take on the Spanish paella.

Through the years, various events gave way to more Kapampangan dishes. For one, there’s the exotic adobong kamaru (mole cricket) and betute (stuffed frog), which came to be when many Kapampangan women had to make do with such insects and animals in times of great need. There’s also the buro or fermented food, which was developed to preserve food in light of the frequent flooding in the province.

Pampanga’s famous dishes and its rich culinary history have made it the undisputed culinary capital of the country. Recently, though, Pampanga has also been making an especially great case for itself as a burgeoning metropolis, ready for the roaring 20s. And as it evolves, it should like to stay true to its roots as a culinary capital.

That’s why it makes perfect sense for Rockwell Land—itself a purveyor of fine food, Filipino culture, and an upscale life—to take part in Pampanga’s rise.

The vision for Rockwell in Nepo, Angeles

Rockwell Center in Nepo, Angeles is already budding as we speak, ready to complement the province’s charm with that of Rockwell’s. The developer, in partnership with the Juan D. Nepomuceno Realty Group, is building four mid-rise towers as part of a 3.6-hectare mixed-used development with residential and commercial components. Each of the residential towers will feature spacious condominium units, ranging from one- to three-bedroom units, as well as fine amenities—the sort you would expect from Rockwell.

In the same community, Rockwell is building the second Power Plant Mall—a sequel, as it were, to the beloved Power Plant Mall in Makati. Power Plant Mall in Pampanga will house commercial spaces that will soon transform into the sort of upscale establishments that Rockwell is known for.

All of these mean that soon, there will be even more reason for Filipinos to flock to Pampanga to eat and shop. If other Rockwell properties are any indication, the developer’s signature brand of exclusivity is about to redefine urban living in Pampanga, and we can’t wait to see how it’ll turn out.

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Rockwell to launch Pampanga project

Jenniffer B. Austria

Rockwell Land Inc., the real estate arm of the Lopez group, said Monday it will launch by the second half Rockwell Center in Pampanga, its first mixed-use development outside Metro Manila.Rockwell Land said in statement Rockwell Center will rise on a 3.6-hectare mixed-use development in Nepo, Angleles. It will have four mid-rise residential buildings and retail areas.The first residential building is targeted for turnover by the four quarter of 2025 while the succeeding buildings will be launched in the following years.Each tower will rise 10 to 15 stories high, with units ranging from one bedroom to three bedrooms sized at 44 square meters to 142 square meters.The joint venture between Rockwell Land and Juan D. Nepomuceno Realty Group will cater to Pampanga’s well-heeled market and elevate lifestyle experiences in the region.Rockwell Center in Nepo will also have second Power Plant Mall which will have several retail and food and beverage brands that offer a similar taste of its flagship establishment.

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Rockwell to start developing Angeles project


Lopez-led Rockwell Land Inc. on Monday said it struck a deal with Juan D. Nepomuceno Realty Group to start the construction of an upscale mixed-use property in Angeles City in Pampanga, which would be the listed company’s first in Central Luzon.

Rockwell Center in Nepo, Angeles is set to launch by the second half of the year with its first residential building being targeted for turnover by the fourth quarter of 2025, and the succeeding buildings to be launched in the years to come, the company said.

The 3.6-hectare property will be located at the heart of Nepo Center in Angeles. It will be a mixed-use development, with 4 mid-rise residential buildings and retail areas.

“This joint venture between Rockwell Land and Juan D. Nepomuceno Realty Group will cater to Pampanga’s well-heeled market and elevate lifestyle experiences in the region,” the company said.

This is the first Rockwell Center outside of Makati. It will also have its own Power Plant Mall, an upscale retail and food and beverage brands.

The company said its Pampanga mall will “offer a similar taste of its flagship establishment”.

Future residents will also enjoy amenities, such as swimming pools, a function room, fitness gym and a multi-purpose court, as well as ample room for fresh air with a lawn and pocket gardens, dedicating 70 percent of the property to open spaces, the company said.

The Philippine Competition Commission in October has approved the deal between the two groups. In the proposal, Rockwell and the Nepomuceno’s TGN Realty Corp., will infuse the capital for the undertaking.

TGN and siblings Hilda Aurora N. Valdes, Patrick Adrian N. Valdes and Theresa Gracia N. Valdes will contribute the land for the project.

Rockwell, TGN Realty and the Valdes siblings shall invest in the project through the purchase and subscription of shares in the joint venture company that will be called Nepwell Property Management Inc.

NepWell was incorporated in 2019 and is the vehicle firm for the transaction under parent firm J Ten Equities Inc.

The Nepomuceno property firm was established in 1979 to manage their residential and commercial portfolio across the city.

The Nepomuceno Group of Companies have also expanded their interests in retail, utilities, and education since its founding in 1921, which include Nepo Mart, Holy Angel University and Angeles Electric Corp., among others.

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Rockwell Land ventures into Angeles City

by James A. Loyola

Upscale developer Rockwell Land Corporation is making its first foray in Central Luzon through a joint venture with the Juan D. Nepomuceno Realty Group.

In a statement, Rockwell said the partnership is set to create the first Rockwell Center in Pampanga, at the heart of Nepo Center in Angeles City.

The 3.6-hectare property is poised to be a mixed-use development, with four mid-rise residential buildings and retail areas.

In this first Rockwell Center outside of Makati City is where the next Power Plant Mall will rise, there will be curated retail and food and beverage brands that offer a similar taste of its flagship establishment.

Future residents will also enjoy world-class amenities such as swimming pools, a function room, fitness gym, and a multi-purpose court, as well as ample room for fresh air with the great lawn and pocket gardens, dedicating 70 percent of the property to open spaces. 

These signature Rockwell features are complementary to the Nepomuceno Group of Companies’ various offerings. The Juan D. Nepomuceno Realty Group was established in 1979 to manage their residential and commercial portfolio across the city.

The Nepomuceno Group of Companies likewise has expanded its interests in retail, utilities, and education since its founding in 1921, which include Nepo Mart, Holy Angel University, and Angeles Electric Corporation, among others.

Its diversified business segments have greatly contributed to Angeles’ transformation into the first chartered city in the region.

Rockwell Center in Nepo, Angeles is set to launch by the second half of 2021 with its first residential building targeting turnover by the fourth quarter of 2025, and the succeeding buildings to be launched in the years to come.

This joint venture between Rockwell Land and Juan D. Nepomuceno Realty Group will cater to Pampanga’s well-heeled market and elevate lifestyle experiences in the region. 

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