Definitive Rockwell Condos in Angeles City, Pampanga

Promoting a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle is just as much a part of the signature Rockwell lifestyle as offering a luxurious selection of activities and facilities to experience. To that end, The Manansala and The BenCab–both mid-rise condos at 15 and 16 storeys respectively–come fully equipped with thoughtfully-designed amenities to support their residents’ holistic lifestyles within Rockwell at Nepo Center. Regardless of the kind of lifestyle you want to create for yourself, these two Rockwell condominiums in Angeles City, Pampanga are ready to ensure your satisfaction, comfort, and convenience.

A classic and essential offering for any mid-rise condo, two swimming pools are made available to residents of The Manansala and The BenCab for fun and fitness. Here, you can take to the water any time of the day to get some laps in or just float in the refreshing coolness. Whether it’s to get your heart pumping or to just enjoy the day, the Lap Pools and Kiddie Pool make the perfect place to spend time by yourself or create great new memories with your family.

Rockwell at Nepo Center is proud to offer its residents an abundance of wide, open spaces to enjoy to their heart’s content. 78% of the surrounding area consists of safe, open, communal space to use for recreation and relaxation. The Great Lawn makes a great place for picnics, reading books, and simply enjoying the fresh air, while the Kids’ Play Area allows children to take a break from digital devices and have fun the old-fashioned way. There is also a designated Barbecue Area where home cooks can put their grilling skills to good use and share the joy of good food and conversation with friends and family.

With so many residential options lacking an ample amount of space to roam and play in, the availability of open spaces further cements The Manansala’s and The BenCab’s reputations as complete high end condos.

A strong mind resides in a strong body, as the saying goes, and Rockwell promotes the idea to the fullest, providing functional spaces to develop both. The Manansala and The BenCab each have recreational facilities that its communities can access freely.

  • The Fitness Gym provides a complete collection of gym equipment to help you reach your health and fitness goals.
  • The Function Room offers a private space where you can hold your personal events, parties, meetings, and other types of gatherings.
  • The Multi-Purpose Court can naturally be used for sports but also doubles as a large, open location for large gatherings and performances.

Safety and Convenience

To make your days at any of the amenity areas, shopping centers, or luxury condominiums at Rockwell at Nepo Center simpler and more seamless, we’ve constructed the following features and built the following teams for you to avail yourselves of:

  • 24-hour manned security in addition to CCTV camera systems
  • Emergency and safety systems including a fire detection system and a sprinkler system
  • Generators with 100% back-up power in case of power grid failures
  • An experienced Property Management Team that offers exceptional after sales service
  • A dedicated Residential Leasing Team in case you want to lease out your unit for passive income
  • Exclusive basement access to Power Plant Mall Angeles